Branding is one of those elusive terms that means something a little different to everyone. So here’s our take on it. This is what you’ll get by working with us.

Your business’s brand is its personality, and just like your own personality, it’s something inherent that doesn’t need to be created. The tricky thing is expressing a brand. Doing that well requires creativity, consistency, and knowing what makes your business unique. That’s where we come in.

Our brand development starts with getting to know you. We lead you through exercises (no special equipment or clothes required) that give you a chance to talk candidly about your business. It’s always revealing and challenging, and so far, every time we’ve done this exercise our clients have been impressed by the insights that emerge.

Once we know you better, we start working on ways to express your business personality. You’ll see presentations, sketches, mood boards, and maybe a few other little tricks to help show the direction we’re headed. Once you pick your favorite, we start creating the imagery that you present to the world.

This process works whether you’re a start-up or you’ve been in business for years, and it’s scalable for any company size. Best of all, it really works. 

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