Planning Services

If you’ve ever been inspired in a big way, you know how thrilling it can be—lots of ideas and plans, so many possibilities. It’s exciting, but it can also be overwhelming.

We’ve been there, and we’ve found ways to capture and organize all of the ideas without losing the thrill. Our process helps you map out your thoughts in a manageable way, so you can break down your big projects into smaller tasks.

The process begins with getting together so you can give us your info, and then we help you figure out the priorities. Along the way, we ask lots of questions, but you're always in the driver's seat. We offer our thoughts on setting realistic goals, and we help you develop a work plan. That plan can be as detailed as you like, with dates and all the picky stuff nailed down, or it can be higher level, with your projects divided into chunks you can hand off or schedule on your own. We work with you so that the end result is a tailor-made project plan you can run with.

Along the way, you may find it helpful to check in to update your priorities as projects finish. This can be a one-time or ongoing service; it's up to you. We work according to your needs.

Curious about how we can help? Get your free one-hour consultation to find out more about our services.